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Through looking to all slides treating different diseases we may propose that “ Z-HE” may work through stimulating Macrophages to differentiate Th1T-cell lymphocytes rather than Th2T-cell lymphocytes OR blocking the Th2T-cell lymphocytes SO will activate the Macrophage; here we will have:

1- Increase the C.M.I. ( Cell Mediated Immunity).

2- Intracellular death of parasite.

3- Activate Fibroblast.

4- Stimulate granulation tissue.

5- If we can further stimulate Macrophage it will block tumor growth!!

6- In the Humoral phase (through blocking Th2T-cell lymphocyte we will have:

        a) Decrease IgG, IgG4, IgE.

        b) Decrease Macrophage adherence.

        c) Decrease Ab formation.

        d) Viral inhibition.

        e) Bacterial lysis.


The healing power of the herbal extract the Golden   "Z-HE" !?  !?

Can be effective in COVID-19 !? especially the Aspergillosis & Mucomyosis superinfections !? !? !?

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